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Old 01-07-2013, 09:46 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Talking Back links exposed

I start this new thread in the hope that it will grow with the help of the experienced webmasters and will provide a starting point for those who are newbies as well as providing answers to question that probably come up just like it did for me.

After setting and launching a website and working on optimization of your on page keywords and alike, in this niche will you will reach for sure, the point where one must start and create links back to your website.

From what I understand these links pointing back to your website are in fact votes for your website from other different website and the search engine uses these votes as one important factor when positioning your website in the results.

The general rule is that you need a good number of quality back links and your website will make it's way up in the SERP and this is true.

To get links pointing back to your website from quality, good established websites and in the same niche as you won't be an easy think to complete so you will probably end up with one of the following possibilities:

- do link exchanges.
- buy links from other websites.
- create your back links from forums post and profile, blog comments.
- create your own network of websites.
- etc.

Link exchanges :

- from what I learned in the last 6 month since activating in this niche - link exchanges are quite good for a website if it's kept to a reasonable number and here are some points to have in mind.

- must receive some organic traffic (rank for specific keywords in search engines)
- it would be great to be an aged domain.
- must not have tens or hundreds of outgoing back links (even though I saw some very good websites with huge amount of traffic having this number of outgoing back links or OBL).

You will find people willing to do link exchanges every time but in most cases their websites are quite new, doesn't receives organic traffic at all, looks a little bit unfinished, and you don't know how much they will last before their owners abandon them or focus on something else.

You will also find websites with huge traffic that doesn't rank at all in search engines. This comes from trading traffic and in my opinion won't help your website as their users are only there because they where "trown" from other websites in the wheel and does not have a real interest on that specific website.

This could not be true because I did not experienced with this kind of things and I don't talk from my experience here so if there are people here that know better I ask them to speak better.

Good website probably won't exchange links with new ones as there is nothing for them, probably they will opt for selling some links of their website and this take us to our next pint.

Buying links

Google for example states clearly in it's policies that is against paid links, but I don't think it can detect for sure if it's a paid link or not if you buy from a website that sells 5 - 10 links on their own website and not from a provider specialized in links sales.

Usually you will find people willing to sell links on their websites starting from 1 month to a whole year.
When buying links you will also need to look good at the website you are buying from.
It will also need to receive organic traffic, because some will sale links on aged websites with good traffic but their website doesn't rank. I think it would be a good think to ask for some of their ranking keywords and do analysis before deciding to buy.

You can also buy links from gaming blogs - and there are a lot of good ones to do that but watch out as there are some blogs built only for this, also new, also not sure how much will last if people decides not to buy links of them anymore.

When buying links you also need to consider that the website you buy from could loose it's rankings due to some new updates and you benefit will also go down, the owner will decide to sell it, etc.

Creating your own links:

Posting in niche related forums and commenting on blogs will help a little too. Also look for some other fan communities and alike as some of them have strong ages behind and linking back from them will benefit your website for sure.

I won't speak about directories submission as I saw some high ranking websites with back links only of this kind both payed and free that ranked top for a period of 2 to 3 months and then completely vanished.

Don't create creapy back links as this will punish your website for sure. I don't say back links from directories are crap - I also have 2 or 3 but don't focus on these, and don't participate in link schemes

Creating your own network:

It's not a good think to start with a large number of websites if you are alone, just starting in this bussiness and don't have money to spend .
Having a network of website it's a good think because you can link them together and save some of the trouble.
The network is best to have websites hosted on different servers with different IP's maybe in different countries.

I don't want this to sound like it's very hard to get back links that worth but from my experience as a starter I can't say it's an easy job, but when you get to a level the benefits are satisfying.

Keep in mind that this is just one part of the job for a successful website.

Also I ask other people to contribute and share their knowledge here.

One thing I forgot to mention and is a must in my oppinion is the fact that when you loose established back links you also lose some of your ranking in SERP - so keep this in mind when doing link exchanges or buy links for short periords.
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Old 02-09-2014, 08:24 AM   #2 (permalink)
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nice article for newbies
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Looking forward to reading more
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