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Default Unity Game Hub - Vehicle Framework games now for sale!

UGH-Market Vehicle Framework v1.0

Hi there, My name is John some of you know me very well. I’m not very active on here as i am always busy. Above is a pic of our latest game using our newest framework which has a lot more features and offers than a lot out there.

We have been super busy working on a new framework in our spare time planning the ultimate vehicle framework. Our plans for this are very very big and we are pleased to say we are at V1.0 of the framework.

We are actively seeking sponsors right now for games from our framework. Test it HERE

Please understand we have been working on this for a long time as our system is very very adaptable for the other game modes currently in development. We have been looking at this for a long time so if you see any bugs or things you don’t think should be there please if you have the time can you let me know. Thank you!

At the minute this is mainly aimed for Parking/Objective type games, But we have designed it knowing we are adding more games types like, Police Chase, Destruction, Racing, Drifting, Multi-Player and a couple more.

Here is what we currently have implemented.

Mini-map System
With the mini map system we track, The players position in the world, Collectibles like, fuel, Currency, Objectives etc, and the individual traffic from the traffic system.

Currency System
The currency system does the normal currency tracking, You will earn money based on your performance and by how many coins you collect in each level.

Unlimited Levels
The engine supports any number of levels you want
When you order a game you can tell us how many levels you want for your game - We would recommend 30 as this takes on Web 1 second but on mobile can take up to 5 to load.

5+ Vehicles
You pick the theme of the vehicles and we make them look good!

Realistic Traffic System
Most advanced traffic system available for unity to date.
over 70 active vehicles in the scene at any time (Web*) Mobile is around 25 - 50% of this value.

With collectibles the player can collect, Currency to help them buy or upgrade their car, Fuel to make sure their car does not stop, and objectives. The player must collect all objectives before the end of the level area is available to them.

Secret Random Levels
The players have a 5% chance of getting that lucky level, The whole thing is covered in coins.

Pick up’s (Taxi, Objects etc) Can’t park until they are all completed.
The player must pick up all of the objectives before they will be shown the end of the level.

Big Detailed Levels
All of our levels for all games will be big! But not only big, they will be very detailed and look very very nice!

Admob Integration (Mobile)

Applovin Integration (Mobile)

Reward Video Integration. (Mobile)
When the player watches a video we reward them with 500-1000 coins. This will allow them to purchase another upgrade but also increase the chances of them watching lots of videos and in return lots of revenue.

Game Protection (Stop sites that block links playing your game (Beta) )
We display a message after the 5th level played (Can be any level) That the site using this game does not have permission. We stop the player being able to play and ask them to visit the sponsors site to play the game uninterrupted.

In Game Cross Promotion
Cross Promote your other games without the need to update) Set up a JSON file on your server with an image link and a URL, then watch your in game more games feed fill with your in house ads advertising your other games to all your players.

Vehicle Damage Levels
Small damage = smoke
Medium damage = small fire
Lots of damage = complete combustion.

Amazing Audio
Big Deep Explosions
Amazing Soundtracks
Gui Sounds, Enable/Disable etc

Buy-able Vehicles
In this game there are 5 Vehicles to purchase
The amount of vehicles depends on vehicle theme and art style. If we can add 20 or more we will

Up-gradable Vehicles
The player can upgrade Speed, Brakes and handling. This is the only way they will be able to complete some of the higher levels causing a lot deeper involvement in the game.

In App Purchases (Mobile)
We allow the players to be able to buy in game currency to use in their garage to upgrade or buy new vehicles.

Interactive Main Menu
No more static menus, these menus are alive

Site Detection
If on your site or network of sites we can disable the more games buttons and disallow the clicking of your logo. This is to stop annoying players if they accidentally click on the logo or button as they are already on your site.


We are busy waiting on a vehicle physics system so advanced that it mimics real life deformation of tires and terrain. When this is released in a stable form we will add this system to replace the current one.

We have a lot more planned for this too and everything is in place to carry on and make this the best Vehicle framework out there. We took a lot of time to research other games and see what they done that was nice. So we have learned a lot from this research.

We have also been in the arcade business for quite some time so totally understand the need for return on investment. We looked at some of the biggest game portals out there and how they managed their branding and realized that less is more.

So we took this into our framework, we have the normal more games buttons but we also have the normal branding in place that is not misleading and not too intrusive which means a lot more sites will accept the games.

But if you require more logos or more games buttons we will add them for you no problem at all.

Also with the more games buttons and the logos we have also incorporated a system that will detect if it is on your site or network and if it is it will disable the more games buttons and make your logo non clickable as the visitors are already on your site, this is of course optional and 100% up-to you.

Please have a look at some of the in-game screenshots below.

Vehicle Selection and Upgrades

Level Selection Screen

Traffic system in action

Explosive Levels

Currency Collectables

In Game Cross Promotion

Other Images

Will this quality be in all future games? As i have seen games go from ok to worse?
Yup, Our goal is to become the one place for consistent good quality games, with visuals, code, Audio and everything else in between being top quality. We know that quality over quantity results in better return on investment rather than sheer quantity.

If i order what do i get? As i don't see anything here about future games or a games list?
Here's the cool part! You choose the theme, and we make it come together! You can choose the vehicles, and the scenery. How about China? and night time? You got it..

What about night time destroyed city? -> You got it!

Any theme you want you got it!

Well why do you need sponsors right now if you haven’t done everything you want to do?

Development and time. That is the only reason. We have stopped all client work and personal work to work on this system and it’s not where we want it to be yet. We want to add a lot more fidelity to the framework and a tonne more features in the future but we can’t do that unless we can sell some games just now which are still looking and feeling amazing.

How long would it take you to complete my game if I ordered one?

It would take anywhere from 1 day to a week depending on our schedule.

OK but can I ask for a feature to be added to my game?
In most cases 100% but if it is something that will take too long we will have to negotiate with each other as always.

How do I know I can trust you guys?
Well we have been around for a long time, helped a tonne of people, and worked with a lot of people from these arcades so you can ask anyone if we are trustworthy Our whole business is built on trust. Anyone who knows us will tell you.

Here are some links to our previous & current work.
Strong bow vending machine at London, using the 360 Kinect.

Our Arcade
Some games we have done
Stunt Man 3D
Stunt Man City Streets
Construction Parking 3D

And a lot more.

Will I get the source?

Sorry but no. We will not release the framework at all to anyone, we’re just protecting our product. We have built a number of tools and procedures that we will be keeping in house. They have been tested and tuned for maximum performance and work speed.

What if i need to change ad network?

Please contact us and we will reply within 8 hours to help, in most cases we will do this for free but if we are pushed for time we will have to charge as our time will be taken away from something else or someone elses game but in most cases this will not be a problem.

Will my main scene be created and not like others?
Yup!! - All of our future games will be different, in some cases we may use some of the same art or something else similar but your game will stand out!

How big is the size of the games?
We stuck with what we know to be accepted.

Web ~20MB
Android ~ 50MB
Windows - WebGL - IOS - We haven't tested file size yet but should not be so much bigger.

WebGL Will be bigger i estimate it to be around 50 - 80MB

Will my games source be backed up incase of the above or something else?

Yup your games source code will be uploaded too 2 separate servers and external hard drives so no matter what happens we always have your games source.

After I buy how long until my game is delivered?

We will deliver your game within 1 - 7 days! We will have regular skype contact so it’s a plain sailing process and so you have complete peace of mind..

So what how much are these?
We have a super simple structure as below.
Web - $450
WebGL - $900
Android - $1000
IOS - $650
Windows Phone - $450

We are open to any and all negotiations.

What payment methods do you accept?
We Accept Paypal or Bank Wire which ever is best for you.

So will my game be exclusive to me?
Your game on your chosen platform will never ever be sold or given to anyone else, Once you buy a version on your chosen platform it is yours!

So For example you buy the web version, no one will ever have the web version. We can still sell a version of the WebGL, Android, IOS etc but never sell your version again.

When we say exclusive we mean it. We also do not and will not sell site locks.

How can i set up the Cross Promotion?
We will send you a dummy file for you to actually fill out with Data, (Image URL, and destination URL) You then host on your server give us the link to that file and everything is then ready. You can add, remove, games from your file and your game will update this info the next time it downloads data from your file which is actually in real time

What about sites that block outgoing links?
Same again, we will set all this up for you, send you another dummy file for you to fill with sites that block links and the system will take care of the rest. It will make the game unplayable and we can display a message saying what has caused this problem. So too play them at their own game you can leave this info empty until you see it on some big sites, add that site to your blacklist file and all the players will come to your site hopefully.

Will you upload the game to the stores for me?
If you would like us to do this that is no problem at all.

Will you create my in game screen shots and icons?
In most cases we won’t, We’re programmers and not very good with Photoshop, although we do know a lot of very skilled and reasonably priced people that we could put you in contact with.

I hope i have answered all your questions, if i haven't please leave it here or contact me on s-k-y-p-e -> johnesslemont012

I hope you like our efforts and really hope we can build as many relationships as possible. I really want us to become a place you go to for quality games instead of standard games.

Thank you very much for reading.



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MarketScore (9)


Hey Jhon, really good job! I was checking and I really liked it. It's new parking framework and the prices are really low taking into account that you have done based on new framework.
Paris by David
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Thanks man, Yea the amount of things we have in here is quite a lot, this framework is expanding though not just for parking games, next on the list is something a lot more exciting and action packed.

The parking side is nearly done though just adding more niceties to it.

We have a lot of features busy in the pipelines, and are working on a new site especially for what we have planned.

PS: The prices are for us to experiment with prices they will go down over time. We are as we say though open to negotiation. So if anyone is interested don't be hesitant on asking


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Old 03-23-2015, 06:42 AM   #4 (permalink)
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MarketScore (4)


Finally new framework released! Congratulations!
I highly recommend these guys as a reliable and professional team. Our company is permanent client of John&team and we're very satisfied with theirs work. Mobile games are very cool! Good luck with your new project!

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Old 03-23-2015, 11:11 AM   #5 (permalink)
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Thanks man,

We're busy adding new game styles to the framework so that we have a lot to choose from.

We are also reducing the price of the games look atop to see the new prices.

PS: We are still testing the waters if you think the prices are not right please give us some examples of what you think is acceptable.


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