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Default Link Exchange Types

Some people here are trading links and have no idea about some basic terms. Almost in every 2nd message I am explaining how I wanted to trade links, so I'll try to summarize here what I know about link exchanging types. Please correct me if I was wrong somewhere or simply put your opinion. The idea was just to mention some common terms. Classification is not strict or official. Also pardon my french.

by direction

1). One way link. You don't trade such links. You might buy one or earn one when writing a guest post.

2). Two way link - Reciprocal link. A is mine. B is yours. A <-> B

3). 3 way link,or so called ABC. A and C are mine, B is yours or vice versa. A -> B -> C

4). 4 way link. A and B are mine. C and D are yours. A -> C ; D -> B

by quantity

1) Home page only. This link is placed only on home page. It is not visible from any other page including links page or any game page. Site A is giving only 1 outbound link.

2) Site-wide link. Link is placed on every page, including home page and every game page.

3) Links page link. The link is placed from so called 'Links' page. You also get 1 link but it's not home page.

4) Deep link. Usually refers to a link from some inner page. Maybe even a category page.

by position

1) footer link. Link is placed in footer at the bottom of the page

2) side bar link. Link is placed on the left hand or right hand side of the website. Much more visibility.

3) Contextual link. Link is placed in the text, i.e. in the welcome text of the home page.

In conclusion: Read and think. Don't trade 4 way if you have only one site. Don't do home page only, if your script allows you only site-wides. Read and think.

If you trade l*ks, or accept/trade guest posting - contact me on PM!
Does LE still work? - I bet you in a link it does!.
- crazy scary games -
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thank you for your post.
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