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Default Link SALE! - small sites, 100% white-hat

Hey guys;

basically, I'm in mobile as some may know, so I'm always looking to fund those ventures.

I have 3 sites which are:

- niche sites, kw volume from 10k to 100k+ monthly searches
- all 3 ranking in top 10
- all 3 older than 3 years on average
- all 3 super white hat - no links, nothing ever done to them except getting in niches on time

**** those are general niche sites, suitable for general niche arcades / boys.
They have each for sure 3 spots available.

Also I have one link spot on 4 years old Girl site which is on #5 pos for quite strong KW.
Same model, all 4 years, top 5 positions for it's kw.
- if anyone's in girl and wishes to get cool link, let me know.


DISCLAIMER: I do not chase PA/DA, but instead - concept that keeps sites ranking for years, obviously. Smaller niche sites can't really have massive DA/PA anyway. If this is not logical to those who read, maybe this post is not for you xD. I'm merely selling links from really safe sites to those who wish to increase their backlink count and benefit from having nice clean links to sites. OBL is turbo low, at most there's 1 link at each site. Except girl, there's 2 links there now, I'd sell 3 total to keep things nice for everyone in Google's eyes. It's harsh times with real time updates and penalties, so no messing around from my end.

Concept is simple:

- I'd sell for 6 or 12 months only
- I'd sell at max 3 links per site to protect customers and sites from Google problems
- once/if each site sells 3 links it's closed for sale further
- bulk orders might have advantage, if you take more


For each of those 3 sites:
$5 per link per month, with possible small discount for 12 months or bulk.
For Girl site:
PM me for more info / Pricing is same as for other 2 links sold already, I'll let you know.

I don't really wanna negotiate much, I offer clean sites with respect towards webmasters who conduct business and expect fair business back. Low ball offers will not interest me in case anyone does that, I don't do business like that.

If you're interested, PM me for URL's then you can check out things and decide yourself.
Stay well
Submit your 3D games to // Get some Unity 3D games for your site HERE
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