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Old 09-16-2013, 11:30 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default GameFeed Update: wmode=direct Support

We've just upgraded GameFeed to support Stage3d games and other games that require the window mode parameter to be set to "direct".

- New wmode=direct Flag for games
- New wmode=direct Filter for browsing. Defaulted to hide wmode=direct games.
- New wmode=direct Search to view all such games at once. Link is in the GF navigation.
- New wmode=direct Filter for FeedBot. Defaulted to block wmode=direct games.
- New wmode=direct support for the GF Game Detail page

All previously denied wmode=direct games have been flagged and re-added to the review queue.

When submitting a new wmode=direct game, be sure to set the new Window Mode appropriately.

AutoPublisher Customization Details

Any arcade that supports wmode=direct games can take advantage of the new parameter that will be passed to the AutoPublisher for manually or FeedBot installed games:


Value of 0 means that game is normal window mode.
Value of 1 means that game requires wmode=direct parameter passed to Flash in both the object and embed sections of the HTML.

So, take the passed value and use it to set the appropriate game flag in your DB that you use to handle the different wmode settings.

If your arcade has no support for wmode direct games, it is pretty simple:

1. Create a new boolean field in your game table called "wmodedirect" with a default value of 0

2. Use the $feed['wmodedirect'] value described above to set this field on installs.

3. On your game rendering page switch on the new wmodedirect field to vary how your the Flash parameters are rendered. If needed, you can view the page source of GameFeed for wmode=direct games to see a working example.
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Old 09-16-2013, 02:42 PM   #2 (permalink)
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Sounds great, thanks!
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Thats great, im going to submit my stage 3d games soon....
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