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Default GameFeed User Guide for Developers/Sponsors

GameFeed User Guide for Developers and Sponsors

GameFeed provides unique value to developers in the marketing and distribution of their games. Specifically by providing each new game with frontpage advertising on the most popular arcade publisher forum, and via inclusion in the GameFeed Distribution Network where games are only a single click away from being published on many popular portals.


To utilize the GameFeed service you will need to be a registered member of Talk Arcades.

Using GameFeed

While logged-in, navigate to the GameFeed homepage.

Below the GameFeed logo and to the left are the primary tabs, Publisher and Developer. Each of these tabs has sub-tabs for different tasks and views.
  • Developer Tab

    • Upload Game and Management

      Visit this tab to upload your game to the GameFeed Distribution Network.

      To complete the upload form, you will need game thumbs in the following sizes: 100x100 and 180x135. The image format can be gif, jpg or png, although png is recommended. Only the first frame of animated images will be kept.

      Games must currently be in the Flash format within a single SWF file with no additional local SWFs or datafiles required.

      If we don't have an option for the type of pre-game ad, interstitial ad, micro-transactions or highscore API then please use the Other option and explain the details in the Note box at the bottom of the form.

      Upload Form Details
      • Category - please pick an appropriate category for your game. Incorrect categorizations will be corrected by GameFeed staff.
      • Game Title - please ensure that your game title is perfectly correct before submitting as game titles can't be changed after they have been released.
      • Description - enter a description of at least one or two sentences.
      • Controls - Mouse, Keyboard, Mouse and Keyboard, Webcam
      • Rating - select "For Teens and older" with mature themes, violence or gore.

      • Name of Developer - name of developing company or author
      • URL of Developer - full URL to developer's homepage
      • Name of Sponsor - if game is sponsored, the sponsor can be named here
      • URL of Sponsor - full URL to sponsor homepage, if any.

      • Pre-game Ad - if any, indicate type of ads appearing before game starts.
      • Insterstitial Ad - if any, indicate type in-game ads.
      • Micro Transactions - if any, indicate microtransaction support.

      • Highscore API - if any, indicate type of highscore support.
      • Scoring - indicate if a highscore or lowscore game (like golf). Arcades that have full support for highscores need this information to properly sort scores for both types of games.
      • Gold Medal Score - if your game has highscores, you should define a gold level score
      • Silver Medal Score - silver level score
      • Bronze Medal Score - bronze level score

      • Tag 1, Tag 2, Tag 3 - select appropriate tags for your game. Tags help publishers locate your game via the GameFeed Tag Cloud.

      • Flash File - browse and select the SWF gamefile. If you need to update your gamefile later, you can use our Game Versioning system to do so.
      • Standard Thumbnail - 100x100 image
      • Large Thumbnail - 180x135 image

      • Note - do not re-enter the description here, use this field to for any additional information you need to communicate to GameFeed staff.

    • Portfolio

      Game List

      The Portfolio tab displays a list of the games you have uploaded. Next to the game Title you will see an [edit] button. Clicking the edit button takes you to the game edit page.

      Game Edit Page

      The top part of the game edit page shows the current game status, Active or Pending and also displays the current active version of the game. If you need to update the gamefile, or switch the current active version of your game then click the [manage versions] button.

      The game edit page also contains a form which can be used to edit game parameters like the description and the developer and sponsor information.

      Manage Versions

      The manage versions page displays a list of Game Versions at the top, and a form to upload a new game version at the bottom.

      The process of updating your gamefile is simple. If, for example, you fix some bugs or add highscore API support, use the form to upload the new gamefile. There are also fields to provide a short version code (ex. "2.1b") and a short description of the changes associated with this new game version.

      Aftr the new version is properly uploaded, you can then select the [activate] button next to the new entry in the game version list. (Note that after selecting a new active version, the previously active version will still show an [active] button next to it until the page is refreshed.)

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ArcadeJunky is on a distinguished roadArcadeJunky is on a distinguished roadArcadeJunky is on a distinguished road

MarketScore (11)


GameFeed Content Submission Policy

In order to provide a higher quality feed for publishers we have some basic requirements for submission approval:

- - The game is unique to GF including reskins and very similar games
- - The submitter has legal rights to distribute the game
- - The game is free of significant bugs
- - The game is free of misleading buttons or other sneaky features
- - The game is appropriate for kids
- - The game was submitted with images of decent quality
- - The game was submitted with correct sizing
- - The game doesn't require wmode=direct

- - We will no longer reject games because of a low staff rating.

- Be aware that we can only accept the first submitted version of a game, regardless of branding changes. This allows game developers to control the GameFeed distribution of their games, if desired.

- By uploading your game you agree to allow GameFeed to promote and distribute your game, and the GameFeed terms and conditions. For any game upload or editing issues please contact admin.

Thank you game developers and sponsors for submitting your games!


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