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Default Selling and

I'm here today to let go of 2 lovely arcade websites. Both come with an array of custom games. makes about $20/month and has several custom games. It was hit by a manual spam action 6 months ago and i never did anything about it. It still ranks for some keywords and still produces income. Its a 13 year old domain/website and has been around for awhile. In its prime, it was generating over $2,000 a week. But remember, that was in its prime in 2008. Everything is included in the sale.

Price- $400 Or Best Offer (open to negotiation) was built about 6 months ago by myself and the help of CreativeMug designs. The site is very clean and optimized. It comes with SEVERAL custom games that are featured on some huge gaming websites like and many others. The site brings in $20/month so with these 2 sites they bring $40 a month.

Keep in mind i dont do anything to these sites, no advertising, nothing. When i was running ads to bullyarcade is was generating $600-$800/month. I will include all information within the sale on these tactics.

Price- $400 Or Best Offer

Im willing to sell both of these as a package deal to someone, for much cheaper. Please let me know any and all questions you may have. I'm in no rush to sell but rest assured, i dont want them anymore. I've since moved on to email marketing and spend all of my resources there. The arcade business will forever be with me, as this is how i got my start with making money online.

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