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Old 12-15-2014, 06:27 AM   #1 (permalink)
Arcade Master
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ZumaKing is on a distinguished roadZumaKing is on a distinguished roadZumaKing is on a distinguished road

MarketScore (7)

Exclamation WTS

Do you or someone you know like Monster High dolls? Monster High games or Monster High videos? Then the is just for you!
On the, fans of Monster High can play the best Monster High games and watch the latest Monster High videos and webisodes.

The is a fan site for Monster High fans. They can come to the site and play free Monster High games and meet and play with all their favorite characters.
There is Monster High Dress Up games and Monster High cooking games to Monster High coloring games and more!

Now you can own your own (lucrative) Monster High gaming website (arcade). Show it off to your friends, keep it for yourself, whatever! is a very catchy and easy to remember domain name that people manually type to get to!

The site itself runs on WordPress CMS so from a design/feature point of view the sky is the limit!
The site uses the best free WordPress arcade theme from
This theme is very SEO and user friendly. It has all the features that gamers like today but looks fantastic!
Also comes with another premium theme installed and ready to use. Just change from the admin panel.
The site makes use of MyArcadePlugin to easily add/import new games and videos.
The site has had tons of games added to it, but there is also a lot more games that we are slowly adding.
These are dress up games, cooking games, coloring games and even videos as well which fans can watch.

Site History

I only just registered this domain. I think it was previously dropped and was an Amazon Monster High doll review site.
Because of that, it already had some backlinks to it so I re-registered it for another year and have turned it into a Monster High games arcade!

Social Presence

I have created homes for the site on the top Social Networking sites, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ etc
I have done some work on these individually to make their presence known, get followers, join communities etc.
I've posted all the sites games to these places and continuing to do this will only grow these communities even larger.

There are others, but I've not worked much on them yet.
And few more..

There is also a YouTube channel that we've uploaded some of our own videos to.
They are mostly just game demos with a link to the actual game

I will hand over all the logins for these sites and everything else. All main site logins. Site files and the database.
New owner should continue creating profiles on the best social profile, social networking sites etc to create brand awareness and get more traffic and better rankings for the site in the long term.
If you didn't know already, then Monster High dolls are those very scary but gorgeous looking dolls from Mattel that are very popular amongst young girls (and boys) and teenagers today.
Here are some current search volumes for Monster High related terms that this site can rank well for in the search engines.

[monster high] 3,350,000
[monster high games] 246,000
[monster high videos] 90,500
[monster high dress up] 40,500
[monster high dress up games] 49,500
[monster high dolls] 165,000
[monster high hair games] 1,300

Monster High alone is searched 3 and half million times a month!
Monster High games comes in 2nd with a quarter of a million searches per month.
Then you have Monster High videos at 90.5k and many more very hot keywords!

You can rank high in Google for some of these keywords with and earn big time!
Get a slice of the lucrative industry that is Monster High with an online Monster High games arcade.
Earn from ads you place on the site, or even have people pay you to put their games on it!
There are lots of ways to earn money with this site. Through ads, game sells or link sell.
There is a blog so you can blog about some Monster High dolls from Amazon and earn affiliate fees through any sales you make.
This would be completely up to you but you can either use Adsense, EpicGameAds, CPMStar, Copacet, Ad4Games etc etc.

A full backup of site files and database will be created for you to download/extract etc.
If you need, I will help you to install and setup the site on your hosting account.
You can use my hosting for up to a month but you must have your own hosting account eventually.

You will NOT find an opportunity like this anywhere else on eBay!
This is not one of those cheap and tacky cookie cutter sites!
You have the opportunity to change your life with this one site!
There is so much opportunity to earn residual income with it for the rest of your life.
Or for as long as Monster High is cool with kids!
If Google trends are anything to go by then that will be for a good few years yet!

Tons of Games Preloaded!

We have added tons of games to the site already. These are games of the dress up, cooking, hairdressing and coloring games kind.
It's very easy to add new games and videos to the site from the simple Admin panel. Check the Add-Import Games Page image.

Two Gorgeous Smart Themes to Choose From!

The site comes with 2 different themes to choose from. We have the currently loaded ArcadePulse theme.
This theme is the newest and best free WordPress arcade theme for arcades today.
There is also the Bray Games theme as well. This is a premium theme (22 value).
This particular theme looks amazing and is ideal for this type of site but is quite resource hungry.

Established and Growing Social Profiles and Fan Bases

We have already started working on growing the Social Profiles/Pages and Fan bases.
We have real Facebook likes and Twitter followers. Real Tumblr followers etc.
This is excellent for you giving you a good foothold to continue growing these.
Doing so will bring in more traffic which in turn equals more money for you!

Site Monetization Methods

There are tons of ways to monetize and earn residual income from the site.
Firstly, you can use Adsense ads if you have an Google Adsense account.
Secondly, you can use another arcade dedicated advertiser like EpicGameAds, Copacet, Ad4Game, CPMStar etc etc.
You can earn from popups and popunders also. Some places pay up to $10 for 1000 popunders eCPM.
You can earn from sponsoring games and having people pay you to put their games on the site.
Monster High games are very popular and people will pay you to put their games on your site (with their ads in them).
You can also earn from selling Monster High dolls and all things Monster High by using Amazon or another similar affiliate.
Simply blog about some Monster High dolls and put links to Amazon or otherwise with your tracking links to earn extra from.

Make it Yours!

Domain registered with NameCheap - Will push to your NameCheap account.
All site files and database backed up and download link provided.
I can optionally help you to install this site on your own hosting account.
You can keep it on my hosting account for up to a month if you need.

Reasons to Buy

Own your own Monster High site! Share or show it off to friends.
Make your friends green with jealousy by owning your own Monster High site!
Give it as a Christmas gift to your son or daughter at Christmas time.
Watch their face light up when you tell them they now own
Not only do they get the website, but they get the Facebook fan page, Google+ profile, YouTube account, Twitter account, Tumblr account and so on.
Simply give them a Christmas card with this QR Code inside and get them to scan it on their smartphone.
The website will automatically open on their phone.
Either that or just keep it for yourself!

Any offer considered.
Starting from $50 minimum.

Any questions just send me a message.
Happy to help.

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Old 12-15-2014, 08:26 PM   #2 (permalink)
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MarketScore (5)


I'll start at $50
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Old 12-16-2014, 09:52 AM   #3 (permalink)
Arcade Master
Join Date: Jun 2013
Posts: 1,533
ZumaKing is on a distinguished roadZumaKing is on a distinguished roadZumaKing is on a distinguished road

MarketScore (7)


Had an offer of $200 now by someone on DP.

Please match or beat that to secure it as yours.
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