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Default GameFeed Updates

We've just rolled out several important updates to GameFeed that will be appreciated by both game submitters and game publishers. All GameFeed users should review these updates.

New Approval Policy

- New Policy: All games are accepted as long as they meet these criteria:

- The game is sufficiently unique to GF
- The submitter has legal rights to distribute the game
- The game is free of significant bugs
- The game is free of misleading buttons or other sneaky features
- The game is appropriate for kids
- The game was submitted with images of decent quality
- The game was submitted with correct sizing
- The game doesn't require wmode=direct

- We will no longer reject games because of a low staff rating! If you have a game that was previous denied with the message "does not meet minimum quality requirements" in the game description, you may request a re-review.

New Ratings Features

The existing Rating system has been separated into two separate ratings, the Staff Rating and the Member Rating.

The Staff Rating will always be the displayed rating and the rating used with all Ratings Filters. New options to browse by Staff Rating and Member Rating have been added to the GameFeed navigation.

A new Rating Filter control also appears in the GameFeed navigation. Click the star grouping that represents the minimum Staff Rating a game can have to still be displayed. For example, click 5 stars to see only 5 star games, or click 1 star to see only 1 star games (any any unrated games).

New Game Log

Ever wanted to see exactly where your game is in the submission process? Now you can with our new Game Log.

At the bottom of the game detail page is a Game Log. It includes details about submission, processing, game status, edits and versions. A simple way to see the history/status of a game. This will also help GameFeed Staff track games that cannot be immediately approved due to game or image issues. The game log is only visible to the game submitter and GF Staff.

New Game Rejection Reason Logging

With our new approval policy most games will be approved, but for the few that are not we are now logging the rejection reason to the new Game Log that appears at the bottom of the game detail page. If the problem with your game can be corrected, please make the appropriate edits and ask for a re-review. Soon we hope to provide a button to request re-review with a single click, but until then it is necessary to contact us to ensure that your edits are evaluated.

New Copyright Flag

Batman, SpongeBob and Bratz are popular game characters, however some publishers prefer not to publish games that may have 3rd party copyrights so we are now making an effort to flag such games so that users can filter them as desired.

A new Copyright Filter has been provided in the GameFeed navigation. The default filter setting is to include all games when browsing, activate the filter to block display of these games. FeedBot has also been updated to take advantage of the new Copyright filter.

We've been able to flag a large portion of affected games in our library of games, so if anyone is inclined to help us finish this job we'd be happy to receive lists of URLs to games that need to be flagged.

FeedBot Bugfix and New Filters

Many of our publishers love being able to update their arcade automatically, so they will be glad to hear that the annoying "feature/bug" that previously caused some FeedBots to be unwantedly disabled has been corrected. We are handling the underlying issues in a different way now, and so FeedBots will never be disabled by the system again. Additionally, any FeedBots that had been disabled by the system have now been re-enabled.

The FeedBot game selection criteria now includes additional filters for Copyrights and Minimum Ratings. The Minimum Rating filter has been defaulted to 3 Stars for all FeedBots.

Please review your FeedBot settings to take advantage of new filters and be sure they are configured exactly to your liking.

Game Submission Form Updates

New text processing to provide better automated capitalization and spacing of some fields.
Developer Name and Sponsor Name will not accept any strings with "http" or "www" in them. If there is a legit case for "www", this can be entered by editing the listing, but won't accept on initial submission because so many were ignoring the form's instructions.

Copyright Flag - on game submission new field to indicate if the game being submitted has 3rd party copyright content or not.

- What about Unity Game Support?

I like the idea of expanding support of GameFeed beyond flash games to include Unity and other emerging game formats. The good news is that we designed the system around the idea that we would eventually support additional formats beyond Flash. The bad news is that it will still take a good amount of work to make the needed adjustments to the system. It would be helpful if I could find an enthusiastic coder with an arcade script having Unity game support to work with. Or if you happen to know which popular scripts support Unity that would also be helpful.
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