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    Tweaking template Views: 11 Replies: 0
I am playing a bit with one of my wp arcade sites template. I am trying to make it more players friendly and I want to minimize advertising for now. Here is my arcade.
What do you think?
Submitted by: rirara on 10-06-2015 at 06:58 AM
    Best links money can buy! PR6+PR4 Views: 49 Replies: 0
Getting some great results from these links:

3 months: $70
6 months: $150
Lifetime: $300

3 months: $40
6 months: $70
Submitted by: 3cr on 10-05-2015 at 05:40 PM Views: 56 Replies: 0
Both for sale.

PM me offers.
Submitted by: Biggerplay on 10-05-2015 at 01:44 PM
    Convert your HTML5 games to Mobile App Views: 86 Replies: 1

LucidKit launches its next development.

Convert your HTML5 games to Android App.

1. Upload your HTML5 files.

2. Get your APK.
Submitted by: lucidkitadmin on 10-05-2015 at 01:00 PM
    4500 Social Signals Just $15 Views: 58 Replies: 0
We have a great deal on Social Signal at the moment!

4500+ Social Signals from Facebook, Twitter + Pinterest

Price is just $15!

What You Will Get

1000 Facebook Website Likes (PR9)
Submitted by: Frizi on 10-05-2015 at 10:29 AM
    Why pay for an arcade script? Views: 104 Replies: 0
Lagged is completely free!

free HTML5 arcade script. Perfect for mobile!
Submitted by: 3cr on 10-04-2015 at 04:17 PM
    Hello to All from Corre Views: 81 Replies: 2
Hi guys hope not to be a bother but im new to this concept of arcade web pages and will be eager to learn from anybody that has got time to spare to teach me something....

ex :

im interested to know...

1. is my best bet to build a gaming site on wordpress??

2. are niche gaming sites a good choice(i.e card games, puzzles or tower defense) or just fit all the games in one site???
Submitted by: corre on 10-04-2015 at 02:03 PM
    Wtb site with about 200 visitors daily Views: 71 Replies: 0
Wtb site with 200 visitors daily

Google Traffic
Usa, uk,

Skype: Domaciart
Submitted by: Domaci on 10-04-2015 at 11:32 AM
    [Android] 3D Police Car Parking 2015 Views: 113 Replies: 3

We have made a new Unity 3D Game for Android (web version will be released soon):
3D Police Car Parking 2015
Submitted by: Aris on 10-03-2015 at 07:17 AM
    No Payment Epic Game Ads Views: 213 Replies: 5
Hello Folks

Just wondered if anyone else was not getting their Epic Game Ads monthly payment (I am well over the minimum required)?

Submitted by: onlinerunner on 10-03-2015 at 01:00 AM
    My Upcoming Game - Black Hero Views: 95 Replies: 1
This is a beta game of my upcoming game “Black Hero”
You can play Four Level here. If people like this game I will add more 36 levels in this game and will publish it.
So Please tell me how is this game and what I need to add this game to make it more user friendly and attractive. :)
Play Now Here
I am Also Looking for Sponsor for This Game.
If anyone interested mail me..
coder.sagor at
Submitted by: pcgun007 on 10-02-2015 at 11:52 PM
    [WTS] Views: 103 Replies: 0
Hello again,
I'm selling another site to the highest bidder
This site ranks page 1 on google position 5 for return man 3.
Revenue has picked up dramatically over the last 3 months due to getting ranked.
looking for $300 ONO. Earns around $50 a month from adsense and $10 on epic popunder.
Price is first come first served.
Site is wordpress.
Pm only please.

Submitted by: docster619 on 10-02-2015 at 11:13 AM
    [WTS] Views: 102 Replies: 0
Hi Guys,
I'm selling one of my sites
The site makes around $10 a month on adsense around $5 on epic popunder $100 ovno please pm if interested.
Site is wordpress and uses the durus theme.

Submitted by: docster619 on 10-02-2015 at 10:20 AM
    Super Plane Games domain!!! Views: 126 Replies: 5

I am selling

Price is only 35$!!! --- Now only 30$!!! --- Now only 25$!!! --- Now only 20$!!! --- Now only 15$!!!

Do not miss this great opportunity!!!
Submitted by: comedy1 on 10-02-2015 at 04:27 AM
    lifetime links for sale on 7 years old gaming website Views: 106 Replies: 1
hi friends,

i am the owner of 7 years old gaming website which has more than 30+ games owned by and overall 1500+ manually posted games in the site.

with PA DA of 40+

i am interested in selling 5 lifetime links at very cheap price. as i am charging 80$ per year for link ... but for life time i am selling it for only 100$ per link for lifetime on :)

suppose you get your link on my site for lifetime or for 10 years so you are paying me around 80 cents per month...
Submitted by: indiasbull on 10-02-2015 at 12:15 AM
    flv into my app into a custom holder Views: 107 Replies: 1
So I'm loading a flv into my app into a custom holder. I want the video to go back to its 1st frame when it reaches the end. I use this:
if ( == 'NetStream.Play.Stop') {
curr_clip.is_playing = false;
The thing is, the video sometimes flickers one time. It becomes white for a fraction of a second then it is visible again.
I also have a code to toggle the playback on demand with a button, basically it looks the same (seek to 0 and pause),...
Submitted by: Sanjeev_dev on 10-01-2015 at 06:24 AM
    Google Cookie Policy for games Views: 203 Replies: 3
Does anyone know anything about Google Cookie Policy for games? I know that for websites in EU you must now have the agreement dialog for using cookies, must you have this kind of dialog in your games also if you are using google services like admob, analytics?
Submitted by: Sanjeev_dev on 10-01-2015 at 06:23 AM
    Connect using bluetooth in android Views: 107 Replies: 1
Can you help me I want to create a game in android that have a two players how i can connect the one phone to another by using bluetooth please help me..
Submitted by: Sanjeev_dev on 10-01-2015 at 06:14 AM



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